The Living Room CULTURE. Why?

Why? Hmmmmm...

Why not?

In a city where people continuously copy each other. Why not be different? Besides... I like being me. My new location is smaller, more intimate and has a certain type of vibe most people won't experience at a club or bar with noisy televisions or DJ action. It really feels like you are chillin' in my living room, hence the name.

NO. It's not clubISH.

NO. It's not a bar.

It's NOT 100% complete yet either. But we're softly open for business.

At least you won't have to spend all of your hard earned paycheck on a tight suit or a fancy dress to come here. You can... But consumerism and narcissism are relatives. You for real don't have to.

The Living Room Culture is about "vibes" dear friends. I promise before I post this some promoter in Jackson or venue will have an event called culture something. People are "swaggjackers" here. Not sure about other cities. But it's sad really. Then when you speak up you are vilified.

Seriously, just being real... I still owe people from being at my old location. I am not confused or acting as if I'm balling. They will get paid soon...Trust if it wasn't for the building owners I would not have pursued reopening. I took time to think it all out.  Many folks have money but no ideas. They jack your juice (slang for identity theft of ideas) until they close or change their business name. Hey I relocated so no salt. Besides it's hard operating a business.


The Living Room Culture came from me downsizing in space but upsizing in creative energy. Those who get it really get it. Those who don't...meh they won't. You can duplicate a lot of things but you can't duplicate auras. You can mimic vibes. You can totally attempt to destroy people and yet those who know you...know you.

Such is life alas...

Our inside events host only about 25 comfortably. Outside about 150 but the outside is not finished yet. It's been a labor of love. Love can happen instantly. But when you take time and really do original things... The love feels so good. When you share it with others your light uplifts those around you, as it should be. Reflections of the most high manisfested through you. 

The Living Room Culture... is chill. It's about free thinking, earth loving, coffee drinking entrepreneurs, love gurus of all races, genders and walks of life who choose to never limit themselves by societies interpretation of what ART or creativity is. It's a movement, a moment, not a fad which fades when the next new line dance comes along.

NOPE. Not one super bowl party.

If you like eclectic places which encourage you to just be without the facade... Yo! This is still your kind of place. So come support your local Fondren neighborhood business misfit.

I moved. Yep. Isn't life is about change? ***points at self. I did for sures. Music & Poetry happens every 1st and 3rd Saturday or every second Thursday. It varies. Come vibe with a Sista. If you bring a guitar and ask I'll do a random unscripted freestyle with you. 


The Kitchen Poet  

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