The Return... With A Dose of Brand Revamp.

We missed you...  

Takes long sipp of iced tea. Okaaayy, "I" missed y'all dangit. I closed my doors at the old spot permanently in May but technically called it quits late January.

Mentally and physically...

I was tired.

Burnt out.



Sick of people.

You name it. 

I had no intention of doing business in Jackson EVER again. Understand souls I had gone through a lot. No need to drag up bad memories... It wasn't because I lacked supporters because the people who supported me did. The ones who didn't support me didn't. Hey my Granny used to say, "You can't miss what you never had." 

All facts.

Ok so what's new?

Well, I downsized for one.





This describes the new Soul Wired Cafe. 

Secondly, artists (rappers) who call women bi***es and talk about getting money with no real substance... Been there done that. Not interested. I can't possibly respect the most high and do that. Besides there are plenty of places around Jackson for hardcore rap. I'll do some hiphop mixers soon. Really diggin' Vitamin Cea right now. She's dope. No hurry tho.

Nope, my spot is not some stuffy joint where people sit around and act sophisticated with snobby demeanors either.


So not my vibe. I guess you can say it's my landing pad for misfits, cool beings, God talk and inner-g of the most high. 

Expect food, poetry, art, lots of spirituality, workshops etc. Like my space was in the beginning. 

I'm not going to please everyone. That's okay. I wasn't created to please the masses. I'm good with the most high. 

Time to buckle down, pray up and catch up these debts. It's been tough. But good friends and side hustles have given me time to return to the business world.

Kind of...

I'm not competing.

If we are. You win. 

This move comes with a new look. I have my own sense of what's artsy and there are elements of it all around. From the paper floor to the pallet wall filled with art. It's typical soulful cool vibes. Now, I just need to actually open so I can pay some of these people I owe. Honestly, if it wasn't for Miss Brenda my building owner and Miss Ruby, business owner next to me, I couldn't have gotten this together. They truly have supported my return.

Now can a black woman just make a living, eat good and observe the Sabbath please?  


Expect my same corny jokes.


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